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Thanks to the donations of artists across Canada, Art4Parkinson’s is raising money through the auctioning of art in support of Parkinson Canada.

The idea came from James McKenzie, who, after developing a passion for painting figurines as therapy for his Parkinson’s, sought turning his art therapy into something that gives back to his community. In his own words, “With Alex’s encouragement I thought I’d use that gift that was given to me and give back”.

As part of ISI Foundation, Art4Parkinson’s was formed to raise money and advocate awareness through the power of art in Canada.

ISI Foundation

The ISI Foundation is a registered not-for-profit organization in Canada founded by Insurance Supermarket Inc. to give back to the global community with proactive, hands-on support and tangible aid; such as food, clothing, and volunteers.

Initiatives led by the ISI foundation include Art4Parkinson’s as well as Relief4Ukraine, which works to save the lives of Ukrainians affected by the war. In addition to securing food, clothing and other essentials, Relief4Ukraine also procures safe transportation to the borders, and provides temporary shelter for thousands of Ukrainian refugees in neighboring European countries.

The foundation was spearheaded by Alex Dudarev, CEO of Insurance Supermarket Inc.

Parkinson Canada

Founded in 1965, Parkinson Canada is on a mission to create a better world for the over 100,000 Canadians living today with Parkinson’s disease, as well as the 30 Canadians diagnosed with it everyday. It’s these people living with Parkinson’s who are at the centre of all the foundation’s work.

Parkinson’s Canada helps to fund critical research that improves the lives of so many living with Parkinson’s. Additionally, they educate the public to increase awareness and support Canadians suffering because of this terrible disease.

Net proceeds from Artist-4-Parkinson’s auction will go to support Parkinson Canada in their important work and if you are unsuccessful in your bid, you can still donate directly to Parkinson Canada by using this link
Visit Parkinson Canada

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